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Various Terpene Concentrations found within Nature’s Heritage and Tikun Olam Cannabis Cultivars

Avery Leveston with Society Cannabis Co. / Marimed


Terpenes are tiny molecules that both contribute to the overwhelming aroma of the cannabis plants and provide a unique effect to each cannabis cultivar. The importance of terpenes, volatile hydrocarbons found in the glandular trichome of the cannabis plant, have been unknown and understudied for centuries.


In order to test this hypothesis, cultivar specific effects were determined through the collection of terpene concentration levels by MCR labs; a process commonly referred to as Headspace Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detection. Through this concentration, a correlation was found between individual terpenes and specific cannabis cultivars. This study was performed over a 13 month period, spanning 35 different cultivars from two different brands.


The preliminary results of the research show that each individual cannabis cultivar had different concentrations of terpenes. Alpha and beta pinene were found to be the dominant terpene, inside of multiple hybrid cultivars. This concentration was found to be correlated with the same effects that these cultivars produce. The greatest correlation found was inside of sativa and sativa-dominant cultivars. Not only have consumers of sativa cultivars reported uplifting, stimulating, and energizing effects, but these same sativa and sativa-dominant cultivars had the highest concentration of one specific terpene, terpinolene. Due to the contingent properties of this terpene, the user is provided with a stimulating experience.


With the insufficient information that is publicized on terpenes, this study focused on understanding the direct correlation between the concentrations of terpenes and the effects of a specific cannabis cultivar. These results suggest that there is much more to cannabis than just the cannabinoids contained within the trichome head of the plant.

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